Friday, 29 April 2011

Megan Hoyle - "...the work cannot be complete"

Megan Hoyle - Installation Under Sink - Canvas, Lukas IV Oil Medium

'Installation Under Sink' is from a series of works predominantly investigating the drying behaviour of oil medium. Canvas strands in various configurations are poured with medium, after repeated pouring the medium begins to lengthen the canvas threads in the way stalactites are formed, by building up beyond the thread. With works such as 'Installation Under Sink' I am playing with the formation of the strands. Could the ‘painting’ have formed through the day to day use of the sink? Is it in flux and still dripping? I want the viewer to become drawn forward to see what is happening, provoking a sense of discovery in how the work has formed.

The intriguing fact about this piece is it is almost invisible and goes completely unnoticed. Those using or walking past the sink certainly aren’t looking for a work underneath it. The understated colour and thickness of the work means it is not easily seen, even by those looking for it.

'Installation Under Sink' is both a failure and a success. The work has many of the elements I wanted in it, if only it was noticed. It is in plain view; under a well used sink in a corridor but is never seen. On the one hand I find this idea very exciting, it is a secret work, only seen by those who know it is there. On the other hand, if a tree falls in the woods.... if an artwork is not seen is it a work? I’m not sure it is. 'Installation Under Sink' was made to be noticed, it was placed in that location for a viewer to question its formation. This questioning is not happening therefore the work cannot be complete. It has failed.

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