Thursday, 7 July 2011

Zina Al-Shukri - "Maybe I failed to captivate them..."

 Zina Al-Shukri - Four Portraits - Gouache and Charcoal on Paper

Usually, after about an hour of someone sitting, with me painting and us talking, I am able to take a deeper look into the interior of a person to develop what I think is a successful portrait.

But not these women, they just wouldn't let me in. It was as if they were caricatures of themselves. They absolutely where not able to let go of getting looked at. They were constantly readjusting their hair, make-up, clothes, posture or anything that is superficial to a person. Maybe they couldn’t handle seeing their own image unfold before their eyes or knowing that this picture I was painting of them would be forever or until the paper falls apart.

But, then again, maybe I was the one who couldn't tap into their inner scope. Maybe I failed to captivate them in a way where they would want to give me more of themselves. Maybe they had nothing to give.

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